Which Is The Best Wireless Mouse for Gamers?

I consider myself to be a casual gamer and I used to think that it isn’t necessary to have the best hardware as long as I can get by and complete the games that I want to play. Because of that, most of my peripherals were really old and cheap. I was using a $15 A4Tech mouse for 3 years before I began to encounter some problems with it. Whilst it had given me a good run for my money, I did not feel entirely satisfied with my gaming performance as I would have if I were utilizing say a Razer gaming mouse. When you have used the best wireless gaming mouse ever invented, you will notice the difference when it comes to a normal mouse. Most of the games I play were single player RPGs like Bioshock or Elder’s Scroll but I branched out to FPS and even MMORPGs after giving the acclaimed World of Warcraft and Modern Warfare a try. They were absolutely addictive and I felt that my gaming years could’ve been so much more enjoyable if I had tried these out earlier. As I started to get more involved in these games, I noticed that the mouse that I was using had really basic functions that just couldn’t compete with any of the gaming mice these days. The A4Tech mouse only came with the primary left and right mouse buttons, plus the scroll wheel in the middle. With games like WoW, you tend to have a ton of skills and macros that you need to bind your keyboard buttons to and with the newest patch and expansions, the level cap keeps rising higher and more skills are being introduced as a result. Soon, more than 50% of my entire keyboard were bound with shortcuts and I’ve even used up the ALT, SHIFT and CTRL modifiers. There simply wasn’t enough space unless I begin to use the other right half of my keyboard, which simply isn’t practical as they’re situated too far away from the WASD keys.razer mamba mouse

Then I came across a forum post discussing such issues that gamers are facing. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who was concerned with these things. The solution was simple. Once your keyboard is jam packed of macros and shortcut keys, move the remaining functions over to the mouse. Now, an ordinary mouse would almost always have the most basic buttons only and if you’re planning on playing any MMORPGs, getting a gaming mouse would be a must. Indeed, I started looking high and low for the most popular gaming mice and the top recommended products came from several gaming companies like Razer, SteelSeries and CoolerMaster.

Razer has always been known for their gaming products so I decided to take a look into those. The first few mice that got my attention was the Razer Naga mice, which simply had a ton of programmable buttons that you could play around with. The Razer Naga Epic, 2012 Expert MMO and Molten gaming mice had up to 14 programmable buttons each, which are way more than I actually needed but any extras wouldn’t hurt, would it? Their DPI levels were also fairly decent at 5600.