UAV Drones – The Furtherance Of Auto-Pilot Technology

3d printerEver since the invention of 3D printers, plenty of highly complex and sophisticated devices have been printed with them as long as the right materials are fed in these machines. This technology has progressed to the point where even small aircrafts such as UAV drones that have been 3D printed are being live tested for their effectiveness. Most of the data will be fed via a remote control into these unmanned aircrafts and controlled directly by a human being.

So far, the projects haven’t been very successful but if it does, it’ll become the pinnacle in aircraft technology. Just imagine a stretch of high-powered bombers being controlled via wireless technology by a commander seated safely and comfortably miles away from the battlefield. The deadliness of such weapons would simply be unmatched.

Despite such an apparent improvement this would have in the current aircraft technology, many UAVs or smaller machines are already dispatched on auto-pilot runs. The energy systems being used also allow these aircrafts to partially recharge their batteries from daylight energy whilst they’re in the air. Any light damage done to these aircrafts could potentially also be automatically repaired, or at least sealed, to prevent further damage which could lead to their eventual destruction.

The future of UAV:

Enough said.