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Our Values

Over the years, we've developed a simple, yet succinct, method of measuring our characteristics.
Our goal is simple: Do the best and get the best.

By honing our focus on certain key projects as opposed to attempting to multitask efficiently, we're able to identify and most importantly, pinpoint the exact values that have made us who we are today. Not only are we one of the most innovative aircraft and space-related companies out there, we have also managed to build a team of solid, skilled and hardworking individuals that offer the highest quality of knowledge and services that you might have come across.

  • Skill
  • Hard Work
  • Will
  • Luck

Our Team

Despite having only 6 core team members in the beginning, we've now expanded to include over 15 employees across the entire continent and we're still looking to expand.
Chrissie Holden
Project Director
Chrissie’s one of our leading project development directors thanks to her extensive and highly practical knowledge of both aircraft and space technology. With a heavy backing of awards and world-renowned achievements, no one’s better suited to leading the team than she is.
Roger Carton
Marketing Executive Manager
As an amiable and results-oriented person, Roger has been with us over 6 years raking in clients as if they were fallen autumn leaves. His easygoing approach makes it easy for our clients to like and believe in him.
Andrew Gallagher
Senior Technical Engineer
Although Andrew’s a relatively new addition to our team, he’s already proven his worth by impressing us with his ultra-deep knowledge of mechanics relating to both hardware and software applications in order to boost our productivity and efficiency when it comes to actual launches of our projects.
Sasha Blighton
Senior VP Of Research
When it comes to research, Sasha pulls her weight (not quite literally) by showing foremost expertise in her ability to cast a net over a wide range of technical topics and filter out the most relevant and important aspects of them all.


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